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oktoberfest collage OTwopt is! When the Oktoberfest kegs are tapped for the first time by Munich’s Mayor, he exclaims “O’zapft is! (Bavarian for “it’s tapped!).

Well, the day we’ve all been waiting for is here! No, not what you’re thinking – the Oktoberfest kegs were already tapped last weekend – our TWOP Photomarket site is online!

Check it out at www.theworldofpictures.com

Register your account (snap up the best usernames!) and start uploading your photos. And please, be kind – we are still in our Beta phase and are working out a lot of the usability issues of the site – so please, send us your feedback, either here in the comments, on twitter (@theworldofpic) or via email at blog@theworldofpictures.com

If you’re here in Munich for Oktoberfest, enjoy, and don’t forget to fill your TWOP market with all your best photos so you can start selling and connecting with other photographers!

And stay tuned – we hope to be launching our app very soon!

– Emily

All images via The World of Pictures GmbH

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