Ideas for Fall Photo Projects

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It’s official. Fall has arrived! And what a beautiful season it is. The leaves are changing color, the evenings have that fantastic golden color, and the air is crisp and clear. The perfect time to get out there and take photos! Still lacking inspiration? Here are some ideas for fun, easy photo projects.

fallphotocollage Ideas for Fall Photo Projects

1. Leaves in action

Leaves are an obvious choice, but what about falling leaves? Capture leaves falling from trees, leaves blowing in the wind, kids jumping in piles of leaves, you dumping leaves on your friend’s head… motion is the name of the game.

2. A steaming hot drink

Nothing goes with fall like a steaming hot beverage. Pour yourself a cup and head outdoors to capture beautiful plumes of steam and delicate beads of condensation. And if you made it a hot toddy? Even better.

3. Pumpkins galore

Sure, it’s cliché, but pumpkins are an inescapable symbol of the season. And there are so many different kinds – so get out of your house and find a nearby pumpkin farm or roadside stand and start snapping!

4. A favorite recipe

It’s time for steaming dishes of comfort food – try cooking one of your favorite recipes and photographing the process – you’ll have a great visual version of a recipe card to share or even hang in your kitchen.

5. A rainbow of color

Fall is notoriously colorful. So why not capture a whole rainbow? Try to grab a shot of each of the colors in ROYGBIV – and then play with creative ways of displaying your vibrant masterpiece.

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What are your fall photography plans? Share your ideas for more photo projects in the comments below.

Until then – keep on TWOPing!

– Emily


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