The TWOP App – Update 1.2

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Hi TWOPers!
We are proud to announce the release of our newest update to the TWOP App (download here)! We have some great new features for you. Here is a quick overview:

1. Comments on Photos

With our newest function, you can now comment on photos by other users! View your comments in the box under your photo, or review the comments made on other photos. This is a great way to start a discussion about a particular photo, learn new techniques or just compliment the photographer.

 The TWOP App   Update 1.2

2. View on Market

Now, with one click, you can view any photo in our Photo Agency Market site! Here you can see a larger image, download a comping image, or purchase the photo directly.

 The TWOP App   Update 1.23. Automatic Location Recognition

Now, when you upload a photo, the App automatically ready the EXIF – data from the photo and pinpoints the location (if you have this feature enabled on your camera). You can view the EXIF information by clicking the i button for more photo details.

photo 4 The TWOP App   Update 1.2

4. Change your User Photo

Now, you can change your user photo right in the app!

photo 7 The TWOP App   Update 1.2

5. Share on Facebook

Share your latest photos on Facebook with one click! Of course you can still share with Twitter, Email and SMS.

photo 3 The TWOP App   Update 1.2

Those are our new features. What do you think? Any requests for the future?

Keep on TWOPing!

– Emily


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