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Have you tried out the app yet? We are having so much fun looking at all your photos and communicating with users who are helping us make the app even better. One of our favorite platforms is Twitter – are you following us yet? We tweet the latest app news as well as useful photo tips and interesting shares from the interwebs under @TheWorldofPic!

Here are some quotes from those who heard of our idea and have tried out our app:

Thanks, @visions_mariana!

I hope you do, @collageframeapp!

We definitiely plan on working on an iPad and Android version, @Dedwards1984!


Thanks, @Appversal!

So now it’s your turn. What can we do to improve the app to make it even easier to sell your photos? Let us know on twitter with the hashtag #TWOP or right here on the blog in the box below! Now go upload your photos and make some moola icon smile TWOP Testimonials

Keep on TWOPing!


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