How do I tag my pictures?

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When you upload a photo on TWOP, you have to assign tags. The tags describe your image and make it possible for potential buyers to see your picture at TWOP. The tags are of fundamental importance for searching the site and for your potential sales.

You will find the mandatory field “individual tags”, in which you must enter at least 5, at the bottom of the site “Upload photo”.

Some things you should consider when allocating tags:

1. Use as much tags as you can

2. Describe not only the obvious image content, but also the technical details (such as back light, blur) and details of the composition (for example close-up or full-length, vertical or horizontal)

3. Don’t just use simple terms to describe your photo (when you have photographed a pile of wood, describe the picture not only with the term “wood pile”, use also “wood”)

4. Keep an eye on the detail! Look closely at your photo and write down everything that comes to your mind!

Our user Alina H. has given this picture a lot of tags:


tags example 1 How do I tag my pictures?

How do I tag my pictures?


Another tip: If you photograph people, it’s always good when you specify the age of them. In this photo of our user Jessica F. you could therefore still enter the age of the girls, eg 12 years, 10 years.


tags example 2 How do I tag my pictures?

How do I tag my pictures?


It isn’t necessary to enter tags in both languages (English and German). The system translates the terms automatically. So if someone searches for “wood” he will find your picture even if you just have tagged the picture with “Holz”.

Do you have other tips for assigning tags? Then bring it on!

We hope you enjoy tagging your pictures and have fun with TWOP!


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