The best photos of 2012

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To duly say goodbye to the year 2012 we would like to show you the best photos of the past year. Let’s take a look to the World Press Photos 2012, to the best pictures on and of Reuters and to the gallery of an Imgur user. Have fun!

World Press Photos 2012

world press photos 300x261 The best photos of 2012

World Press Photos 2012


spiegel fotos 2012 300x295 The best photos of 2012

The best photos of 2012 on


reuters fotos 2012 300x285 The best photos of 2012

The best Reuters photos 2012

Tip: On you’ll find an article, that explains you, with which camera and what calibrations the Reuters photographers shot their photos.

Also there are a lot of photo websites, where you can find awesome pictures. The Huffington Post already have published a list with 48 photos in the middle of the year, which a user on Imgur had posted. Take a look:

imgur fotos 2012 300x288 The best photos of 2012

The Imgur photos of the year

And now let us know: Which one is your favorite photo of 2012?

We are looking forward to hear your answers!

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